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Selling Your Diamonds To E.D. Marshall Jewelers

If you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds in Phoenix, stop by E.D. Marshall Jewelers for a free evaluation and appraisal. There is never any obligation to sell, and we promote getting second opinions on your items. Being one of the largest diamond dealers in all of Arizona, E.D. Marshall Jewelers can pay the top prices for diamonds. You may also be interested in upgrading your diamond for a larger stone. Trade-ins are always welcome, and let one of our 2 on site designers help you create a one of a kind.

A very common misunderstanding in the diamond trading world is the value of a particular diamond. Most people think their diamond is worth precisely what they purchased it for or what it was ‘appraised’ at another location for. Most appraisals are going to be different, same ballpark area, but not exact. It’s important to understand the diamond market fluctuates just like the stock market, or precious metals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell online for the general public what the market value of their precise stone is worth. This is why getting multiple appraisals/price quotes from reputable Jewelers is a must.

What we are buying

  • Diamond Jewelry
    • Diamond Tennis Bracelets
    • Diamond Studs
    • Diamond Earrings
    • Diamond Necklaces
    • Large Diamond Pieces
  • Diamond Shapes
    • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
    • Princess Cut Diamonds
    • Cushion Cut Diamonds
    • Emerald Cut Diamonds
    • Broken or Chipped Stones
    • All Diamond Cuts Above 1 Carat

Stop into any one of E.D. Marshall Jewelers 5 valley locations for a free appraisal & evaluation on your diamond items, no appointment is necessary. Our certified diamond appraisers will take you into a private room for the free appraisal & evaluation, and answer any questions you may have. If a price is agreed upon, then we will pay you on the spot for your diamonds. You can always trust E.D. Marshall Jewelers to pay you a fair market value price for your diamonds. Fill out the form on this page to get started.

For more information or if you have questions please send in a request above.