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Model: M1364
Omas UNICEF 50th anniversary limited edition Rocco Barocco fountain pen, featuring and 18K yellow gold and blue resin body, accented with rubies. OMAS undertook an ambitious project in pen design in 1996, when it invited 24 of the most celebrated names in the worlds of art, music, cinema, literat..
Model: M1355
Platinum 70th Anniversary Sterling Silver Overlay Fountain Pen 14K two tone S-M nib...
Model: M1348
Omas Roma 2000 Bernini 18K Gold Fountain Pen Inlaid with mother of pearl, 18K gold nib. Limited edition to 100 pieces..
Model: M1318
Omas Cristoforo Colombo II 18K Yellow Gold Briarwood Fountain Pen Limited Edition 18K Yellow gold Nib, Size Medium Lacquer coated Briarwood with gold tone trim Ink color: Multicolor Including box and papers..
Model: M1297
Tibaldi for Bentley Crewe 60th Anniversary Sterling Silver Fountain Pen 60 Years at Crewe 1946 - 2006: To celebrate 60 years of production at the historic Crewe factory, Bentley Motors introduces its first ever limited edition pen collection and its first ever collaboration with Tibaldi, specialist..
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