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Pre Owned Watches

E D Marshall Jewelers has been buying and selling used (Pre-Owned) Rolex and other High-Grade watches for over 40 years.  We take pride in offering our clients a wonderful selection of Certified Pre-owned watches that have been Authenticated, Serviced, tested on industry standard timing and water resistance machines, and made to Look and Function extremely well, allowing us to offer a Warranty on the movement.


So, when you see EDMJ Certified Pre-owned watches on our website, you will know that E. D. Marshall Jewelers (EDMJ) Certifies our selection of Pre-Owned Rolex and other High-Grade watches to be Authentic and in good working condition. We disclose Any Custom or Aftermarket Dials, Diamond Bezels, or Links, and they are Specified in the description on our website, and any Social Media, and on separate tags on such watches in our showcase at any of our locations.

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