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N. B. October 18, 2017

14th Annual Watchtoberfest at ED Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale, this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20-

Perhaps you've been coveting that special timepiece or you're looking to purchase a watch as a gift for the upcoming holiday season. During the 14th annual Watchtoberfest at E.D. Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale, you'll have a chance to meet with representatives from more than 20 watch manufacturers, including Ulysse Nardin and Louis Moinet...

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N. B. October 17, 2017

Introducing B.R.M Watches at E.D. Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale

Inspired by motor-sports, driven by craftsmanship and engineered for exclusivity, BRM is pure racing spirit. Renowned for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted timepieces designed with industry leading technical precision, BRM’s bespoke ethos reflects the label’s commitment to artisans and true artistry, and as the only French watchmaking manufacture, the brand is synonymous with individuality. Creating limited-edition series and customized models that are never mass-produced, BRM has gained global recognition, and will make a great addition to the extensive watch collection of ED Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale. 

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N. B. December 23, 2016

Piaget Polo S

Meet the new Piaget Polo S, a stainless steel watch that is a game changer, a watch for those who want to show with conviction that they are a cut above. 

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N. B. April 23, 2016

Jewelry and Watch Desires

Jewelry and watches are accessories that every man and woman should have a collection of too suit the many occasions where they can be worn. A collection of jewelry is allows a woman to stand out from the crowd, whether it as at work, at a cocktail party or just an evening out with friends. The same goes for watches for both men and women. A collection of watches means that a conservative watch is ideal for work and business, a slightly more exotically designed watch for evenings out and functional watches for outdoor activities.

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N. B. April 22, 2016

The Exclusivity of Estate jewelry and Watches

There is often a taboo around buying second hand items or previously owned items in this day and age where consumerism, image and status all create an unfortunate conflict of having to have the latest and the greatest. But this doesn’t really have to be the case. There are of course those that recognize that previously owned items can be extremely valuable and rare and have more history and character than anything that you buy today. These people have realized that the fun is both in owning something rare and unique but also in the search for that elusive item. 

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