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N. B. April 24, 2016

Buying and Selling Gold

Buying and selling old in its different forms is an exciting yet relatively secure form of investing and realizing returns on these investments. Gold has long been a form of safely investing in a category that is relatively risk free, is something tangible and physical, as opposed to stocks, debt and treasury bills or bonds and can come in a variety of forms.

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N. B. April 23, 2016

Jewelry and Watch Desires

Jewelry and watches are accessories that every man and woman should have a collection of too suit the many occasions where they can be worn. A collection of jewelry is allows a woman to stand out from the crowd, whether it as at work, at a cocktail party or just an evening out with friends. The same goes for watches for both men and women. A collection of watches means that a conservative watch is ideal for work and business, a slightly more exotically designed watch for evenings out and functional watches for outdoor activities.

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N. B. April 23, 2016

Trade in Gold

Gold, in its various forms is an important investment category that is most often seen as a safe investment opportunity that hedges against the volatile and often large and frequent fluctuations seen in other investment categories such as stocks and debt. Gold has always been a popular investment category across the world as it can be purchased in quantities from very small amounts to large amounts and thus suits investors of any wealth. 

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N. B. April 12, 2016

It's not only how you wear it

Jewelry has always been largely bought to be worn, to be shown off at work or on social occasions, to complement the clothes you are wearing. Jewelry is largely aesthetic and is bought in the same shopping impulse as a set of clothes. But is this always the case? Many jewelry items have inherent value as a result of the precious metals and precious stones that can be found in the more expensive or higher end jewelry. 

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