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1.27ct Pear Cut Diamond

1.27ct Pear Cut Diamond
-20 %
1.27ct Pear Cut Diamond
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  • Model: D7476
  • Weight: 5.00lb
  • Dimensions: 15.00in x 15.00in x 15.00in
  • SKU: D7476
  • UPC: 23499
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One 1.27ct Pear Cut Diamond, with a clarity of SI3, color of G, depth of 53%, and dimensions of 9.22mm x 6.68mm x 3.53mm. The diamond has a wonderful white color and good clarity, the stone is brilliant with lots of sparkle.
Size 1.27 Ct
Gemstones Diamond, 1.27ct SI3 G D7476
Dimensions 9.22mm x 6.68mm x 3.53mm
Cut Pear
Color G
Clarity SI3
Depth 53%
Fluorescence None
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